Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How I Felt When I Realised that I Was Accepted Into SST

After realising i was accepted in sst,
my reaction was both shocked and
happy at the same time,just like this
picture. ====================>

  I feel very happy that i was accepted
into sst and will work harder and harder
for a better future.

                After learning how to use Bloggers===>
 i could now share my experiences in life with other
people.I could also read their thoughts or solutions when
facing  certain challenges in life.

Blogging can be part of my sst learning experience as it
allow students to share their solution of time management
,coping with stress and more.(and its all just a click away

My favourite application is Facebook.
Facebook allows me to chat and keep                                                                                                        in touch with my friends,even though the
they went other schools,
and it has many fun and
social games.

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